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Birthdate:Sep 11
Location:Curry Town USA, United States of America
28 year old male who works too much and has little to no time for any actual hobbies. Instead, he posts on Dreamwidth because it's one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with his best friend on the other side of the world. In the few waking moments he is not working, he enjoys watching hockey, playing video games, building Warhammer models, and table-top gaming. He has recent developed an obsession with H.P. Lovecraft and will probably attempt to open a gate through which Yog-Sothoth may gain entrance to this dimension of reality. Ia! Ia!

Interests (128):

13 assassins, 90s music, abarat, animals, atom and his package, barry burton, beef curry, beer, being the same person as karen, bioshock, black hills, black library, books of blood, bruce willis, call of cthulhu, cats, cave johnson, cheese curry, clive barker, coco's ichibanya, coffee, comedy, dan simmons, dante, death by stereo, deathgaze, devil may cry, digger, disney bonanza 2003, driving, drood, dubstep, dungeons & dragons, electronica, event horizon, evil dead, fantasy, final fantasy, flashback, flogging molly, folk rock, fried oyster curry, fried tuna curry, fright night, game of thrones, gaming, ghosts, grimm, half curry, history, hockey, hopeless records, horror, horus heresy series, hp lovecraft, internets, japan, japanese, jeremy irons, jericho, jesus_is_hawt, leon kennedy, less than jake, lonely island, memes, metal, metronome, mila jovavitch, millencolin, models, motherfuckin' mountaineer, mst3k, mushroom curry, music, mythology, necrons, nicholas cage, nofx, oldboy, orks, paranormal, pineapple express, pokemon, porn, portal, ps2, punk rock, rancid, rats, reading, reel big fish, resident evil, rodents, rpgs, ruby rhod, sarcasm, saw, sci-fi, ska, skatanic, sleeping, soul eater, south park, space marine, splatterhouse, suda51, table top games, tales series, television, the 5th element, the offspring, the other guys, the pogues, the terror, the wicker man, tits, travel, vampire counts, venture bros, video games, walking to wherever the fuck, warhammer 40k, warhammer fantasy, wawa, writing, xbox, yakiniku, yolo
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