May. 28th, 2017

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And now the results of Tremulus.

The story picked up not after the group had emerged from the catacombs where Sermon Bishop had been hiding out early the next morning. With police keeping watch on the two entrances, Tommy, Roy, and Skelly had seen some pretty horrible things in the caves, but they finally had a lead on the book they've been looking for: the Caramagos. They figured out that it was owned by one Alexander Pierce, who was also a name on Bishop's hit list. In spite of the early hour, they let rushed to his stately manor to speak with him and convince him to let them have the book.

His butler let him in and Pierce was not pleased to be woken up so early in the morning. He was not too terribly impressed with stories of magic books, insane murderers, and old town legends. Yes, he did have the Caramagos. He had purchased it from the first victim, Nina Williams-Hope several years before. It was the only known copy of the book and was worth far more than what he had bought it for. After some convincing, he did agree to allow them to look at the book but not leave with it. So under careful observation they finally were able to see the book that it seemed everyone in Arkham was after. The book was unreadable though, being in ancient Greek. Pierce admitted to having it translated when he got it, but he trashed the notes after finding it being nothing but a bunch of nonsense about magic and weird religions. He agreed to allow them further access to the book in the future, and accepted their advice for extra protection while Bishop, possessing the body of Henry Atwater, was at large in Arkham. As they left him, he was placing a phone call to some contacts for private protection.

Since they now at least had access to the book, they decided they would return to Roy's shop and contact Henry Armitage, the head of the Miskatonic University Library, so they could arrange for him to come and translate the book. At the shop though, they found an envelope stuck to the door addressed to Roy. The note inside was an insane manifesto from Bishop saying how he was now being forced to accelerate his revenge plot and that he had paid a visit to a second victim overnight


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