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The continuation from my previous post. The second tremulus session added Kim playing the traveling salesman Doc Johnson.

The body they had found was called in to the Arkham police, though they chose to omit some of the more extraordinary facts about the case. They decided to regroup at Roy's antique shop. They were met there by an extremely earnest traveling salesman by the name of Doc Johnson (Kim). Doc had recently come into possession of a strange book he got in a trade that he wanted identified. It turned out to be a rather weird Greek translation of the poetry book Azathoth and Others, written by Edward Derby. Derby was a well known resident of Arkham and his book had been written at a young age and he was viewed as something of a prodigy. A weird prodigy, but still a prodigy. He was currently enrolled at Miskatonic University where he still studied weird esoteric writings.

Meanwhile, Skelly had gone back to his office and was met there by a Professor Wilmarth from Miskatonic on behalf of the head librarian Henry Armitage. He stated that He and Armitage were part of a group in the university that shared a common goal and they believed that they could assist Skelly and his friends with their own investigation. Armitage just wanted to meet with them first to make sure of everyone's position. When relayed this message, the rest of the group agreed, but they also wanted to speak with Derby since it seemed as if he might be a useful source for occult information.

They went to find Derby first and found him with a group of students who all had an interest in esoteric studies and magic. They were led in their discussion by Derby's fiance, Asenath Waite. Who did not take kindly to when Doc approached Derby asking him to autograph his extra rare, Greek edition of his book. Derby obliged, and then Doc turned around and tried to sell the book to other members of the group which wouldn't stop until Asenath instructed Derby to buy the copy of his own book that he had just signed. They tried to diffuse the situation, by just stating that they wanted to discuss certain bits of lore to which she replied that they could speak AFTER they were finished with the club meeting. Tommy got really weird vibes off of Asenath, mostly due to her overly commanding presence over Derby and her strange facial features. Though Roy and Skelly, being locals, attributed it as just proof of her having moved from Innsmouth. Her mother had died and her father had gone insane, and she was made a ward of the state.

At their meeting with Armitage, he basically laid out that he was in the business of trying to protect books like the Caramagos out of the wrong hands and had turned Miskatonic's occult book section into a huge, restricted vault. He had an inkling that Bishop had escaped and would offer any assistance, including the use of the restricted books, provided that they gave him the Caramagos once it was recovered. A very easy deal, there.

They decided to check in on another one of the ancestors, Retribution Phillips. He was 100 years old and more than willing to talk about what his great-grandfather had done in imprisoning Bishop. He also confirmed that Roy's ancestor was the Kellog mentioned in the document. He couldn't remember much specific though, but was happy to let them search through his book collection and personal effects for anything that might help.

Phillips was not in possession of the Caramagos, but there were a few pieces of useful information to be had. Skelly uncovered an old trunk and on opening it, they found on the inside of the lid had been carved a strange set of alien looking hieroglyphs and the word "Barzai" labeling it. There were also extensive notes apparently taken by the conspirators who imprisoned Bishop originally and they had noted that he drew his immortality from an entity referred to as "The Treader of the Dust." Of importance right at that moment, they were able to find a map showing the location of Bishop's home from when he was still alive. Some quick research was able to determine the modern location of the house and a visit to the premises confirmed this. It was nearing night however, so they decided to return to Roy's shop first for lanterns as they were unprepared for creepy house exploration.

They found Asenath waiting for them at the shop. She was none to pleased that they did not keep their meeting. But she wanted something from them: she wanted the Caramagos for herself. For her own research purposes. Tommy read her and got another bad feeling off of her, specifically that if she came into possession of the book it was probably going to be bad for a lot of people. She had a vested interest in getting Bishop out of the way as a wizard running around killing people was getting too much attention from people she didn't want paying attention. In exchange for getting the book for her she would help them return Atwater to his own body. There was not a lot of trust in anything she said, but it seemed like an offer they couldn't refuse.

Finally being able to explore Bishop's old house, they found it appearing to be lived in and in the first floor a list of the names and addresses of Bishop's intended targets. One name, Pierce, had a "C" mark next to it leading them to believe that Bishop had found the man holding the Caramagos. Further inspection of the house turned up a hidden doorway with stairs that led underground.

Underground led them to a whole slew of gruesome unpleasantness. At the bottom of the stairs, they came across a candlelit study full of books and documents that would probably be best left unread. And old note was out on the table, showing that back in his era Bishop had been in contact with... like minded individuals in the Massachusetts area. This particular note was warning him that dealing with "The Treader of the the Dust" was not an ideal way to extend one's life as he asked for a "steep price." It also warned him not to make use of some sleeping monstrosity Bishop and his partner had come into contact with expect under dire circumstances. They also found a locked cell in the room and Doc decided to look in when there was a rustling and a tearing noise from inside.

Probably the highlight of the session: the cell contained something vaguely humanoid laying on the floor, dead. Hunched over it was another humanoid, tearing the flesh off of the neck and back of the dead one. The light alerted the living one to the presence of someone looking in and it was here it could be seen that it was a second torso, growing out of the back of the dead one. It had no way of moving and was eating it's dead companion. It reached out an cried pitifully until Doc put the thing out of it's misery. The revelation of the nature of some of Bishop's activities was decidedly unnerving to everyone.

They pressed on through the tunnel and came to a large open area. There were two exits: one seemed to go outside and the other seemed to be another stairway going up. They went up, especially after having an unnerving feeling being in the large chamber. The stairs led to a second hidden door in a house. Looking out the windows told them where they were and they realized that based on their research from where Bishop's house was, this was the former home of his partner Russel. Unlike Bishop's old house this one seemed to have current residents. A quick search found a family of four tied up and each killed with a bullet to the head.

They called the police and warned them as best as they could about Bishop/Atwater without sounding crazy. Apparently while they were underground, Bishop killed again from his list. Jeffery Noyes had been found, seemingly eaten alive from the inside out by maggots. The police agreed to place guards on the old Bishop house and the home they had found the dead family in.

So the death toll is rising. Bishop's spree so far is up to 7, but he will have difficulty returning to his hideout. Everyone is closing in on the Caramagos now, but there's a lot of competing interests vying for it at the end of this affair.

If you made it through all of that, kudos. I have to admit, I didn't expect such a strong reaction to the guy growing out of a dead guy's back. Steven was a good name for him.
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