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Character creation for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Every character has eight characteristics:

For the most part these are self explanatory. STRENGTH (STR) measures a character's physical abilities. Forcing open doors, moving rocks, that sort of thing. CONSTITUTION (CON) measures a characters health and ability to withstand physical pressure (lack of oxygen, poison). POWER (POW) is a character's mental capabilities and willpower. It also affects the use of magic. DEXTERITY (DEX) measures a characters physical agility and speed. APPEARANCE (APP) is how physically attractive or charismatic a character is. SIZE (SIZ) is the physical size of the character, whether it's by height or weight. INTELLIGENCE (INT) tells you the a character's inherent logic and observational skills. EDUCATION (EDU) is how well one did in their chosen field of education, whether it's a prestigious university or from a life on the streets.

There are two ways to allocate scores to these stats during character creation. The first way is known as the Standard Array. You basically take a preset group of scores and plug them into each of the attributes. This is mostly so that you can get straight to the next part of character creation.

The eight preset numbers are 80, 70, 60, 60, 50, 50, 50, 40. They represent an average of the possible numbers one can roll.

The alternative is rolling for stats, which requires a formula because nerd hobbies always need math. So...

To calculate STR, CON, DEX, APP, and POW: 3D6*5
To calculate SIZ, INT, and EDU: (2D6+6)*5

There is an additional stat called Luck and MUST be rolled for regardless of whether you choose the Standard Array or roll for stats. This is to simulate the randomness that the stat represents. Luck in play has many uses and mostly exists to give characters a way to work their way out of situations where they need a little bit of luck on their side.

To calculate LUCK: 3D6*5

After these stats are generated, there are derivative stats that come based off of the main eight.

The DAMAGE BONUS is derived by adding the STR+SIZ scores and then comparing the total to a chart in the rules book. I'm not going to put the full thing here, because holy shit. But basically the damage bonus lets you add an extra die to damage rolls if you're big enough and strong enough.

HIT POINTS are derived from (CON+SIZ)/10. HP is easily understood if you've played any RPG ever.

MOVEMENT RATE determines how far the character can move in a single turn of combat. There isn't exactly a formula for it, but it is still derived from three stats: DEX, STR, and SIZ. So...

If both DEX and STR are each less than SIZ then the MOV is 7.
If either DEX or STR are greater to or equal to SIZ then the MOV is 8.
If both DEX and STR are both greater than SIZ then the MOV is 9.

There are two additional stats which are both key to the game: MAGIC and, what Call of Cthulhu is famous for, SANITY. Both are equal to the POW stat and require no additional math.

Each of these stats then is broken down further into their half values and then quarter values. These numbers represent increased difficulty on skill checks.

After you have derived all of these stats, you determine you occupation and assign additional points based on that. In the interest of space, I'm probably going to save that for another post. But the 7th edition book is full of charts and such to help you determine skills and backstory. There are also optional rules for age which can affect physical and mental stats.

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(2D6+6)*5 means roll once, add 6, roll twice, add 6, then multiply the total, right?


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