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Composing a list of movies and TV that has kind of inspired me in my crafting of my weird fiction horror campaign for Call of Cthulhu. They're all eras and styles, but they're all still applicable.

Penny Dreadful (Cthulhu by Gaslight) - Literally the prototype for running a campaign in this setting. Ragtag collection of investigators (gunfighter, gentleman with a sword, psychic, doctor, and the historian). They run the gamut of trying to find a missing person, solving an ancient riddle, and then fighting the ultimate evil itself. It's all you could want from this era in a campaign.

Banshee Chapter (Delta Green/Modern) - A blend of alien conspiracy and Lovecraft, as it's based on the short story From Beyond. One of the characters even directly references it. The premise is that in the 70s the MK Ultra experiments resulted in the CIA making a psychotropic drug out of an extraterrestrial's brain. It allows for remote viewing, but it also let's the alien hijack your body like a transmitter. A woman goes looking for her friend after he goes missing while investigating MK Ultra.

Pod (Deltra Green) - This is a weird movie, but it is straight up a DG scenario. It's just that the agent shows up after the majority of the movie's action has passed. A brother and sister head out to a cabin where their youngest brother is holed up after coming back from a PTSD related mental break. He starts off incredibly paranoid ranting about an alien in the basement. It's never said what exactly he has and it's very much implied it's something other than just an alien. My interpretation is a ghoul.

The Borderlands (Any era, Severn Valley) - Ancient church basement in the English countryside has an eldritch creature living in the basement. It's straight out of Ramsey Campbell.

Manos, The Hands of Fate (any era) - Honestly as shitty as the movie actually is, it's Lovecraftian in a big way. Hidden place in the wilderness, evil mystery cult, worship of some weird concept rather than an actual thing... Yeah, it really just needs some coherent connecting points.

The Witch (Dark Ages, Gaslight) - Lovecraft's Arkham Country is based on the idea that the witch scares in Salem were real. And the witches weren't gaining their powers by making deals with the Devil, but The Great Old Ones instead. The Witch is a movie from that tradition, though it's ambiguous as to what's happening.

I'll add more later. I'm falling asleep.


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