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Shit that makes Warhammer 40k so dark that it's hilarious

-The official religion of the Imperium was founded by one of it's greatest traitors. Lorgar was a primarch who wanted to worship the Emperor as a god. The Emperor said "Knock that shit off," and destroyed one of the planets that had been made into a giant church to him. But the religion took hold in the 10,000 years since the Emperor more or less died. And yet they're all following the teachings of a big fucking demon.

-Human life is such a non-factor in this universe that destroying a planet of a billion humans doesn't really register as a blip. Humans are at best renewable resources and at worst locusts.

-Space travel follows Event Horizon rules. Faster than light travel is achieved by folding time and space, punching a hole in it, and then literally traveling through hell. If you're lucky, the psychic navigating the ship won't start spewing demons out that will kill everyone on the ship.

-Psychics in general. You're more or less an average human you can just do shit with your mind. Well doing shit with your mind turns you into a portal for demons. So one day you could just get possessed and turn into a giant, rampaging, blob of whatever like in Akira which will just cause more demons to appear until the entire population is dead. If you're lucky, you'll get picked up by huge ships that just make stops to pick up psychics where you'll be taken to Terra.

-Did I say lucky? Maybe I'm being a little sarcastic, because if you survive the trip to Terra you'll go before the Emperor (who is literally a wasted skeleton on a throne that lets him project his mind into space to guide ships traveling through hell) and he'll suck out your soul so that he can keep doing the shit he's doing to keep the entire human species from collapsing in on itself.

-"But there's got to be a better way!" There totally is, humans are just to fucking ignorant to figure it out. All technology is controlled by a Mars cult that worships machines and hoards all knowledge about it. In truth they don't know how most of the shit works and "repairs" are ritualistic holy acts. The human civilization from like 20,000 years prior to the Emperor taking over Terra had technology that absolutely dwarfed anything in the Imperium. Most of it was lost and the machine cults barely know what to do with the stuff they've found.

-The Eldar, the space elves of the setting, basically raped, fucked, and snorted enough drugs to birth a demonic god of hedonism that destroyed their civilization. The ones that are left are either a society of warrior monks who train themselves to not screw up so badly a second time or live in giant city in a pocket dimension of a pocket dimension where they keep on with the murder, torture, rape and drug abuse but can't be found. They sustain themselves off of torturing other species.

-The downfall of the entire setting, The Horus Heresy, was started because The Emperor didn't tell his sons that he was working on an important project that would eliminate the threat posed by demons. The entire galaxy is fucked because of bad parenting.


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