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Perhaps there might even be some explanations in here. Right now I'm just listing. I'm going to sort them the game they originated from.

-Team Awkward Silence - When being introduced to a vampire count who was saving humans from an undead plague, no one knew how to respond. It devolved into silence and nervous giggling.

-"What a noble sacrifice" - Rob's paladin charged into a church full of cultists without warning anyone else and starts getting his ass beat. When asked what the party wants to do, Mike says close the door and says the line.

-"It's getting dark" - The one campaign featured massive amounts of zombies so once the sun went down the party always wanted to go back find shelter. We still refuse to do any activities at night in other games.

-Horse Barge - A barge made of horses

-Slave Tin Mines - In an effort to avoid a tropes, Justin had us exploring tin mines. We took it and ran with it, but also turned it into a giant concentration camp where apparently miners are molested in the lower depths.

-Wizards are Awful - We encountered a wizard tower that had living poop monsters in the sewers and dick fog.

-Farming Nomads - The party ended up helping out a tribe of nomads who lived in a city and had an agrarian culture because Justin didn't know what nomads were. They also worshiped water and used it as currency because they lived in a desert, but their settlement was 3 days from a fresh water lake of unlimited water.

-Varis is Horrible at Everything - Rob's ranger is notoriously inept at everything he's supposed to be good at. He sucks at hunting, can't lead us through the woods, and wasted a one-hit kill magic item on a minor foe that was near death.

Star Wars
-Darth Chokey - The first time Rob's Jedi uses the Force he does so to choke an unarmed guy running away.

-Door Knob - My character ripped a door down in the first session, killed someone with the door, and has carried the door knob around since as a souvenir. He'll be adding it as a piece of his lightsaber when we get to that point.

-Justin Can't Engage in Illegal Arms Sales - Pretty much self-explanatory. Justin tried to buy some illegal guns, but flubbed the entire thing to the point where the party almost got into a fight in an alleyway.

-"We Need Saws" - We hide out on an uncharted planet and decide to rough it. So we spend a week building a cabin. Kim forgot that lightsabers can cut through anything and spent 10 minutes arguing about whether we could do it or not.

-"Lazy Jedi" - I was very much against buying a speeder for the Jedi master we'd saved.

Worlds in Peril
-Captain Wayne vs. Smallville - My giant, heavily armed super soldier crash landed into Smallville and left with most of the town thinking that they were part of a huge government experiment.

-Everything Omega Did - I actually could probably give him his own section, because Rob's Omega was incredible. From pissing off Lex Luthor by being an idiot and almost killing everyone by turning off containment fields holding unkillable monsters.

-Lord Batman - Dan's character was a sorcerer from a Victorian era, but everyone always directed questions about super science and modern technology to him.

-RACIST - Rob's character in our super villains game was awakened by knowledge that there was a black president. Much to his dismay.

-"Kill Me" - Justin's character's power was that people had to obey his commands compulsively. At one point he was tired of being carried so he wanted a jet pack. Cliff's character was possessed by numerous mythological deities and said Hades had winged shoes he could ask for. Justin says to kill him and he obliges, but after this point remembers that it was Hermes with the flying shoes not Hades.

Call of Cthulhu
-Rob is Evil - Rob always wants to play a magic user, but in Call of Cthulhu learning magic turns you slowly evil. Despite being told this he continually used magic to summon a monster that usually did more harm than good for whatever situation they were in.

-"Burn it All Down" - The defacto strategy is to just burn down whatever creepy thing they're exploring. This had bled into D&D where we're currently dealing with monsters and vampires.

-Salt - They discovered a monster was weak against salt. But they didn't seem to think how expensive salt was so they began plotting to rob every home in town of their table salt. Ignoring the fact that even today it's fairly cheap to buy salt. When Dan, who in character was in a fear induced coma, pointed this out everyone felt dumb. Since then, salt has become number one commodity (after tin).


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