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When I eventually get back from Japan (if I come back from Japan), I will insist on running a longer Call of Cthulhu game. In it's classic 1920s-30s era. And I'm going for a straight up Arkham Country campaign. At least at the start.

The frame work for the player characters will be that they are all interested in the paranormal to a degree. And their careers have taken a downward turn because of them. Maybe some of them have touch the Cthulhu mythos, or maybe some of them are just into Spiritualism and ancient books on the occult. They will be hired by a man freely admitting to be representing the London based Society for the Study of the Esoteric Sciences. They are a group who sees the revelations of the Cthulhu mythos not as doorways to the unseen horrors of the real universe that are beyond our understanding, but scientific knowledge lost from ages past that can be put to practical uses to advance modern sciences. While this understanding of it does technically acknowledge that the Mythos is the actual natural order of the universe that humans cannot perceive, it does not give full awareness to the dangers involved with this study. As such, Society members engages in grossly unethical scientific studies in several fields that are currently causing a great deal of harm in London and if they lose total control could cause a huge disaster.

The Society originally began it's research based on the findings of their leader's copy of The Book of Eibon. Making the connection that such occult tomes likely contain similar formulas among the superstitious nonsense, they have made it a priority to acquire further books. For this reason, they have sent one of their agents to Arkham to collect additional tomes for their collection. He has a bottomless checkbook due to Society members all being of the upper echelon of London's elite and has decided to contract out some of the work. He realized fairly quickly that Arkham had many hot spots where mysterious tomes were likely about and that collecting them would be dangerous and possibly calling for illegal activity. If he doesn't need to get his hands dirty, then he won't. He will not attempt to deceive them in the potential dangers to the work (My employers will pay all funerary costs, as well as ensure payment of earned funds to next of kin), but will not expressly say what they might be up against. Or whatever the knowledge they collect will be used for. The Society's public face in London is one of just genuine scientific study, so research into it on the surface shouldn't cause any worry. When they start understanding the true nature of what they're up against, the players might push a little harder, which might cause their contact to decide they've outlived their usefulness. Which then might become a battle against the Society itself in London.

But there will be plenty of threats to contend with in Arkham country. They'll probably be given a "Want-list" of items that the Society has been interested in finding.

-Convince Miskatonic University to part with their Restricted Collection of Mythos tomes. This is all but impossible and would set them up against the Armitage Inquiry, the extended Lovecraftian universe's group that actively opposes the cults of the Mythos.
-The Gospel of Caramargos, a book purported to be used by a wizard named Sermon Bishop in Arkham to gain eternal life. Bishop is actually sealed away in a bridge crossing the Miskatonic River. He will be freed at some point and possess a local student and seek revenge on the descendants of those who imprisoned him.
-There was an incident to the west of Arkham near the site where they are currently planning a dam. A meteor fell to earth and stories tell of strange vegetation and mutations in the wildlife in the area.
-There was a man purported to be a powerful sorcerer named Ephraim Waite who lived in the port town of Innsmouth. Supposedly he had a library full of ancient books with notes that would be valuable to the Society's research.
-Also from Innsmouth, the locals appear to have some strange disease that causes birth defects. If they could find a local to "donate their body to science" that would be an excellent object of study. (The Society is aware of Deep Ones and how they cross breed with humans. What they really want to see is if there are differences with ones off the North American coast and the colonies found in Europe)
-There are rumors of a cult in Kingsport along with other strange activity. See what can be found there.
-Investigate the fungus reportedly growing in the wilds near Dunwich. Perhaps it's what caused a mass hallucination regarding an invisible monster roaming the woods.
-Supposedly, the brilliant doctor Herbert West left behind his extraordinary notes on life and death in the Miskatonic Learning Hospital. These are of great personal interest to the Society's leader as he was in direct correspondence with West and they had even met during the Great War. West has been missing for years, but his notes are a treasure trove of scientific information.

For all intents and purposes, this can be viewed as a "Bookhounds of Arkham" campaign. They can play this any way they like, being as noble or self-serving as they like. Be a hero or a bastard. The Society will pay whatever they ask and as long as the players don't make any trouble for them, they'll be happy to keep them on the payroll.

If they choose to go after the Society if/when they turn on them, then it becomes a bit more far flung. Traveling to London will put them in their enemy's backyard potentially without a lot of friends. And the British Isles are teeming with all sorts of mysteries on their own. It has a lot of potential to be epic.


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